Your city at work for you the resident - AKA: government 101

The purpose of this blog is for people to gain access to information about the City of Cambridge in Louisville Kentucky. I have included a copy of the original Deed of Restriction, some of the current ordinances (these are related to parking), and the budget current for today May 11, 2010. I appologize for the poor condition of the ordinance document but this is the condition it was sent to me.

Please review the documents as they apply to you and provide your comments as you see fit. Remember that anything you ever write electronically never actually goes away and really does last forever. It is discoverable in a court of law so write things as if your grandmother was a going to read it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Title and Phone # for City Officails

Mayor, John Downs 2904 Westfield Rd. 459-6755
Commissioner, Herman Amshoff 4222 Browns Ln. 459-5223
Commissioner, Robin Maupin 2916 Cambridge Rd. 451-7400
Commissioner, Mark Eshenbaugh 2907 Westfield Rd. ?
Commissioner, Sherry Tyler 2912 Cambridge Rd. 802-9565
Lawyer, John Singler 200 S.7th St. 587-6901